The Benefits

Program benefits include improvements to morale, reduction in BMI, and stress levels, but here’s a snapshot of the key results OB Health & Fitness clients have achieved by participating.

  • Culture of Health
  • Stress Management - Exercise alleviates the effects of work-related stresses
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Improved productivity and sleep quality
  • Reduced sick leave, lost, and unproductive hours
  • Employees feeling supported, improved workplace relations and staff morale - A company-supported wellness program communicates to employees that their overall well-being is considered
  • Increased performance and productivity - Employees enjoy a higher quality of life; while for the employer, the most significant benefits are improved workplace productivity and often lower healthcare expenses
  • Improved workplace safety - Increased physical fitness helps to decrease weight and improve the lack of muscle strength which directly increases the risk for various causes of back pain. Better health can also decrease the number of disabling accidents that occur
  • Better posture awareness leads to reduced physical stresses
  • Increased employee function leads to a more functional work environment translating to increased output with the end result being profitability
  • Employees participating in the program regularly report an increase in bonding and team building with fellow workers

Gary Hughes

Firecrest CEO

"As part of our drive to create a high-performance culture, we engaged OB Health & Fitness to design and deliver staff engagement and wellness programs to ensure we have the team to compete at the highest levels in our industry. Ronan and the team at OB Health & Fitness have made a big impact on how we perform and we believe our team is now closer, stronger and better prepared to deliver for our clients and for our business."

The Results

The OB Corporate Health & Wellness Programme is successful because it aims to evolve employee attitudes and integrates wellness into the fabric of the company’s culture. It also creates positivity, enthusiasm and a sense of community within companies across Shannon, Galway and Limerick.

With the support of progressive company leadership, OB Health & Fitness improves employee well-being with an engaging plan, nutrition advice and solutions that work together under one strategy.

It involves layers of physical activity, education, communication, incentives, and a long-term commitment to improving employee wellness. The OB Corporate Wellness Programme is an investment in your company culture and team morale.

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