What We Do

The OB Health & Wellness Programme begins with a one-to-one employee consultation. This includes a comprehensive well-being audit to assess ability levels, motivation, goals, nutrition, work-life balance and employee stress levels.

Based on the specific needs and objectives of the employee, a detailed well-being program is designed which generally consists of diet coaching. This can include the creation of a food plan, personal fitness coaching and often rehab and posture guidance.

After following the initial Programme and achieving their personal goals, employees are given the option to join group-based exercise classes with OB health to help sustain and encourage their wellness momentum and drive.
We can provide onsite fitness at your company’s location or in our OB studio in Plassey, Limerick. We can even assist companies in developing and running its own onsite health facility if space on site allows.

What makes the Programme both unique and successful, is that we ensure it’s designed based on the individual needs of each person, regardless of their situation. This means employees who fear they cannot find the time, will.

Those who believe family friendly and stress free healthy dinners don’t exist, will learn they do and those who have resigned themselves to living with their bad habits, will successfully replace them with good ones.

Nicola Burns

Account Executive

"Work colleagues with their own personal body/mind/fitness issues had amazing results on this programme, which encouraged me to try it out. If I have a bad day I can get down to the gym and Ronan is there is show me how to do the exercises properly and help me with ways to identify and break my bad habits. Through this program, I have toned up and lost weight and inches all over. As well as this I enjoy the numerous knock-on benefits of sleeping better, learning how to relax and being able to manage my life better."



You are what you eat. We will assist each employee in figuring out the right diet for them.

Weight loss

We will assist employees to reach their target weight and have them feeling healthier and happier than ever.

Posture Correction

Poor posture at work can result in accumulated stresses in employees bodies. Did you know that neck, shoulder, lower back pain and stiff knees are all symptoms of poor sitting/work posture?

Physical Conditioning 

Physical conditioning comes in many forms. For example, conditioning for a runner or a swimmer is much different to a 40+ year old man looking to trim down or a woman who might be conditioning for pregnancy. Although conditioning intensities vary, there is a constant theme true for everyone!  The constant aim of physical conditioning is to burn fat and strengthen the body.
The methods with physical conditioning for fat burning and strength have come through several updates over the past years, but it is strongly studied and recognised that HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) is the method leader. Our trainers at OB Health plan and deliver suitable HIIT classes to suit and best achieve for our clients needs and goals.
Physical condition translates both physically and mentally for those who choose this training, we understand and support the mind / body approach for our clients needs.
Here are some of the known benefits of a quality conditioning programme-
Weight/Fat Loss / Stress outlet and management / Posture strength and improvement / reduced or eliminate old aches and pains in the body / Improved work performance through improved energy and mood; leading to problem solving and better communicators /  Improved work / life /family balance/ Well-Being and confidence often improves.


Lifestyle Management 

We cover many aspects in this section including office choices like coffee. How to manage healthy eating with a busy life as well as hydration and the gluten-free phenomenon.

Energy and alertness 

Waking up feeling groggy or hitting that 3 o’clock slump will be no more with the OB Programme.

Stress Management 

Employee stress inevitably becomes company stress so we believe in assisting employees in managing their stress. The return is not only much greater for the individual but the company in the long run and physical activity is one of best ways to do this.

Sleep Quality 

Sleep quality is one of the most over looked and important aspects of our daily living. We can teach you how to get up on the right side of the bed every morning.

Physical activity

We offer a wide range of activities both onsite and at our OB studio:

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Zumba dance
  • Fitness
  • Spinning
  • Stress-busting massage
  • Posture and injury rehab therapies

Onsite Talks 

We also deliver onsite talks for companies looking to inform their staff on any of the topics mentioned above.