What We Do

We start with a comprehensive well-being audit to assess ability levels, motivation, goals, nutrition, work-life balance, and employee stress levels.

Based on the individual's needs and objectives, a detailed well-being program is designed which generally includes:

  • Habit coaching and food plan creation
  • Personal fitness coaching
  • Injury and posture rehab and guidance
  • Group classes

We can work onsite at your company’s location or from our OB Health & Fitness studios in Limerick. We also consult to assist companies seeking to develop and run onsite health facilities.

Nicola Burns

Account Executive

"Work colleagues with their own personal body/mind/fitness issues had amazing results on this program, which encouraged me to try it out. If I have a bad day I can get down to the gym and I'm shown how to do the exercises properly and helped to find ways to identify and break my bad habits. Through this program, I have toned up and lost weight and inches all over. As well as this I enjoy the numerous knock-on benefits of sleeping better, learning how to relax, and being able to manage my life better."


Physical conditioning 

Physical conditioning comes in many forms. For example, conditioning for a runner or a swimmer is very different to a 40+ year old man looking to trim down or a woman who might be conditioning for pregnancy. Although conditioning intensities vary, there is a constant theme true for everyone!  This is to strengthen the body.
Methods of physical conditioning for optimal strength have undergone several updates over the past years, but research recognizes that HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) is the method leader. Our trainers at OB Health & Fitness plan and deliver suitable HIIT classes to suit and best achieve for our clients needs and goals.
Here are some of the benefits of a quality conditioning program:
  • Weight/fat loss
  • Stress outlet and management
  • Posture strength and improvement
  • Reduced or eliminated aches and pains
  • Improved work performance through improved energy and mood
  • Improved work/life/family balanced
  • Better overall well-being and confidence

Activity options

We offer a wide range of activities both onsite and at our OB Health & Fitness studios:

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Zumba dance
  • Fitness
  • Spinning
  • Stress-busting massage
  • Posture and injury rehab therapies
  • Meditation


You are what you and when you eat. We create sustainable food plans that work for employees.


Sleep quality 

Sleep quality is one of the most over-looked and important aspects of our daily living. We teach you how to get up on the right side of the bed every morning.

Posture correction

Poor posture at work results in accumulated stresses in employees bodies. We work on posture so employees get relief from pain, and learn ways to avoid common posture-based issues.

Stress management 

Employee stress becomes company stress, so we believe in assisting employees to manage their stress is key.


Onsite talks 

We deliver onsite talks for companies looking to inform their staff on any of the topics mentioned above.