The Wellness of a company echoes into the performance of your business.

Welcome to OB Health; The Corporate Wellness Group.

We provide the vital connection between your company/employees with effective solutions that foster a positive and balanced company culture.

We promote, coach, and instil positive habits and healthy work/life/family balance.

Companies that work with us know that fostering a positive and healthy employee culture is a cornerstone of success.

We know from experience that stressed employees equal an unhappy and toxic work culture, and unhappy employees translate into a less productive company.

Do something to show your employees that they are valued and part of the team!

We provide the tools and skills via a body and mind approach to achieve a happier, more balanced, and stress relieving program designed to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

If you are interested in improving your company employee satisfaction rating, need to build a team mentality within your workforce, are growing rapidly, or experiencing a disconnect between management and employees, talk to us about how we can help.

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Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

The OB Corporate Wellness Program is designed for companies who value the health of their employees and recognise that employee well-being is crucial.


Sharon Maxwell

Business manager - Firecrest

"Participation in the programme however has completely changed both my opinion of and attitude to physical fitness and nutrition. The expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm of the OB Health & Fitness team was both encouraging and reassuring. The regular, tailored exercise sessions and food plans provided have been enormously beneficial to my overall health, and so I’ve carried these on and incorporated them into my daily routine. I’m significantly stronger and have so much more energy now that, although stress is unfortunately a part of daily life, the ability to handle stressful situations comes far more easily to me.”